Slime Castle - Idle TD

The bad humans are invading the mysterious forest! The slime kingdoms in the forest are facing a tremendous crisis! As a slime chosen by the Slime Sage, you can enhance your abilities through battles, collect legendary equipment, utilize powerful skills, defeat waves of terrifying enemies, and safeguard the peace of the forest. Once you are defeated, come back stronger! Slime Castle - Idle TD is a role-playing idle tower defense game. Players could enjoy an excellent role development system, countless powerful weapons, and several impressive battle scenes. ==== Game Features ==== -Auto-battle system with simple idle clicker gameplay. Enjoy a delightful time! -Many distinctive maps and different enemies with unique skills. Explore more secrets of this world!. -Flexible and diverse upgrade system. Build your exclusive fortress! -Collect mighty equipment and level up the adorable slimes. Experience an extraordinary adventure! -Abundant free rewards to claim. No need to worry about gold anymore! -Set battle strategy by combining fortress, equipments, and control enemies. Find the optimal methods to defeat your enemies! Now let‘s start the epic idle adventure and embark on the path to become the greatest Slime Hero! Experienced a problem? Got a suggestion? You can reach us at
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